Quick Start    Contest Setup Rules   Technical Notes

Welcome to the Treasure Hunt Demo! This is a demonstration model for a shared treasure hunt contest that extensively
exploits the shared events and persistent storage of the DeepMatrixIP9 multi-user system for Instant Player. It was orginally
written for the Cybertown World Builders Guild and the blaxxun Contact client/server MU system.
Phillip Hansel (MrPhillips) is credited with the treasure chest and a builder nick-named doctragoz is credited with making the spinning sun globe prize. I did all the scripts and the landscape.

1. The object of the game is to find three treasure chests by exploring the desert landscape and claim each of their prizes in your name by clicking the prize. The game can be rearranged with the chests/prizes moved to new locations.
2. If on first entering the Desert Treasure Hunt world you see the chat print out a list of Treasure chest not yet found it means
the world is "armed" and ready to play and you can begin searching for chests and prizes. If you don't see these announcements then you can set up a contest by following the contest set up rules below: Contest Setup Rules
3. The approximate location of each chest is revealed by a geiger counter type clicking sound.
4. Once you hear this sound stay in range of it and explore the immediate vicinity.
5. If you get close enough to the chest it will appear and proceed to open. When the chest is fully open it will disappear again and either a spinning sun-globe prize OR a decoy message will appear!
6. If it is a sun-globe click it to claim it as yours!
7. Remember the appearance of both the chest and the prize IS a shared event, so anyone near you will see the chest and
prize as well!
7. The winner of a sun-globe can raise their prize up and down with the mouse to show it off.
8. Announcements of winners and losers (decoy finders) will appear in the chat.
9. Have fun!


           A chest appears for both Lynn and Syd!                                       The chest vanishes leaving a spinning sun-globe
                                                                                                                 prize for either Lynn or Syd to click and claim!


                                                                       Lynn is faster and clicks the sun-globe to claim it! She
                                                          then raises her prize as a shared event to show off!

1. In order a contest you need become "Judge". You do this by simply typing a 'j' into the Matrix msg input directly below
the chat text input. Your success or failure (if someone else is already Judge) will be displayed by the chat.
2. Once you are Judge you will be granted special privilges to set up the contest.
3. The first thing you want to do is make sure the contest is fully turned off by typing '3' into the Matrix msg input.
The chat will confirm this with a "Contest cleared" announcement.
4. Then explore the landscape to select locations for the three prize chests and two decoy chests.
It is important you keep enough distant (out of hearing range of the geiger counter sound) between the chests.
5. Typing '0' into the Matrix msg input will make the chat display your location and rotation.
Please note: the chest rotations are limited to the vertical Y axis ONLY!
6. Typing '4' will turn on and off colored location marker cones for the chests.
Only the Judge can see these cones!
White cone -chest/prize 1.
Blue cone -chest/prize 2.
Yellow cone -chest/prize 3.
Red cone -chest/decoy 4.
Green cone -chest/decoy 5.


          A              A marker cone for a chest location placed by the Judge.

7. Typing '1' will set the location of each chest sequentially one through five.
Once you have set a location back away a little to see the marker cone.
8. Typing '/' allows you to skip chest numbers.
9. Once you have all the chests placed then type '2' and the chat will announce the available chests
along with: "Free for all contest" and "You may start hunting"
The game is now ready to be played.
Remember to keep clear of chest locations (using the marker cones) before typing the '2' otherwise you could set off a chest!
10. You can quit the Judge seat by typing 'q'. You now leave the world and the contest with
chest locations will remain intact.
11. Other Judge commands include:
Type 'n' to give yourself navigation capabilities beyond 'walk'.
Type 's' to turn off and on the landscape.
Type '5' will move all the chests/prizes to the world center at 0 0 0.

1. The contest was written circa 2000-2001 when I was first learning multi-user operations, so some of the scripts are sloppy
   but they work!
2. The contest can be added ad-hoc to any world for a shared treasure hunt any where! I did several contests in the Cybertown
Suburbs using worlds constructed by the World Builders Guild. Just open the world up in a text editor and copy the code
between the two lines of pound '#' signs and the ROUTES at the bottom of the file and paste into your favorite world that has been properly prepared for Deep Matrix IP9!
Please read the Deep Matrix IP9 documentation for more details.