Four Stone Chambers From The Putney, VT Vicinity and Calender II in South Woodstock, VT

The book "Manitou" briefly mentions stone chambers and monoliths in the area of Putney Vermont over a hundred miles south of the Calender I site.

Sometimes the stories on HOW we found the chambers/sites are works of synchronicity! Manitou contains no clues to the locations of the Putney chambers, so finding them was going to be a shot in the dark. After first getting into Putney in the early evening we ate dinner in a local  restaurant. The friendly staff members struck up a conversation with us and we soon  discovered that one of them was related to the land owner of two of the chambers! Because of the historical interest in the chambers, the land owner is also the town "expert" on them and directed us to the other two as well. We did not get to photographs any of the monoliths associated with these chambers, because that would have required an expert tour guide on the chambers. Photographs of these chambers can also be found in the book "Vermont's Stone Chambers" by Giovanna Neudorfer.

Putney Chamber 1:

Yes, it is a chamber. An underground chamber and the first of the Putney chambers we visited. The pile of rocks is actually a recent
corbelled construction to cover the entrance so people don't fall in.  The elegant four tier rock sculpture left and front is also a recent
construction. I am guessing the rock sculpture produces a sun dial effect inside the chamber (after the covering rocks are removed of course!)
The chamber is well known in the area and the local Neo-Pagan organization holds rituals there on Samain.
Notice the magnificent tree behind the chamber.


A shot of the entrance with the safety stones removed and yes I put them back securely after I was done. The entrance faces south at a slight angle
and is actually a little larger as I didn't remove all the stones.

An interior shot of the left side of the chamber. The chamber is cylindrical and very much like a very shallow well as the floor is only about eight feet down.

A shot looking straight down at the floor. Notice the large rock and use it for gauging the other interior shots.

A shot of where the floor meets the back wall.

An interior shot to the right.

A northern facing shot of the "sundial" with the now-exposed entrance. The southern sun would cause the rock sculpture to to cast a shadow into the chamber's
interior.  Again, the sundial is obviously an interesting, but modern creation.

A slightly out-of-focus shot of the sundial. Notice the elegant sculptural quality.

Facing south from behind the chamber. The tree blocks the view of the sundial.

South west exterior view of chamber.

A westerly view. The sundial is just left of center. The large tree is just barely visible on the right edge.

A western ground view of the sundial and entrance.

An eastern view which of all the shots prehaps best conveys the layout of the chamber.

A departing fairwell shot to an interesting structure.

Putney Chamber 2:

This is a balanced  rock a couple of hundred feet from the second chamber. Notice how it is on a slight rise. The photo was taken
looking west and slightly down hill.

The same balanced rock as viewed looking east. Notice the upward sloping ground behind it. The tree and rock seem to be best friends.

A view of the the second chamber's east ward facing entrance. The wires and tubes seen at the top are not power lines! They are tubing for gathering maple syrup.
The chamber is located about a mile south of the first chamber and is at the bottom of a small valley.

A close up view of the same entrance taken at an angle.

An interior shot looking to an over-exposed outside. Notice how the entrance widens inside.


A shot of the back interior wall.

A back left corner shot.

A right back corner shot.

A front left corner shot. The bright area top right center is the result of a flashlight.

Another back wall shot trying to incorporate the magnificent slabs making up the ceiling.

A small balanced rock sculpture at the entrance of a nearby driveway. The locals seem to know and appreciate what they have!

Putney Chamber 3:

This small chamber is located about 2 miles south of chamber 2 and is known locally as the "stone pigpen", because an early settler made use of it for that purpose.
It is marked on a map in the Putney historical society and easily accesible.

An angled view of the same entrance.

A shot taken from behind and above the chamber looking east. You can see a road just below the chamber and then a house in the distance.

A shot looking south. The chamber is set into a hillside with the slant of rocks on the left being the entrance.

Looking east from the chamber's entrance.

Left front corner.

Right front corner.

A groove in the stone floor running out the entrance -probably for drainage.

Back left corner.

Right back corner.

A shot of the ceiling.

A so-out-of-focus-it's-embarrassing shot of my wife by the entrance that is included to give an idea of size.

Putney Chamber 4:

The entrance to the fourth chamber. This chamber is a couple of miles to the east, but between chambers 2 and 3.
It is in very poor condition and unsafe. Notice there is no back wall.

An attempted slightly out-of-focus shot of the interior. It is close to the end of a long chamber-hunting day in Putney and the camera work
is getting sloppy.

Yours truly standing by the entrance to give an idea of size.

Calender II Chamber:

In between the Putney area and Calender I is the Calender II chamber of South Woodstock. It is the largest of all New England stone chambers.
Calender II is in plain sight from the road. It is also on property clearly marked "No Tresspassing", so the photograph I have taken of it is from outside the
fence. However there are other photographs of it on the internet with this site probably being the best:

Supposedly a straight line can be drawn connecting these Putney chambers through both Calender II  and the Calender I bowl sites and ending at a stone chamber
over 20 miles north of Calender I near the town of Washington. I have not seen this last chamber yet and it is tagged for a future visit.

Calender II chamber just above center taken from the road. Out of eye shot and mounted on the fence are vicious looking "No Trespassing" signs. Zoom? duh what does zoom mean duh? Calender II is just south of South Woodstock VT.