Cliff Column Near Base of South Side of Dairy Hill

I found this column -well it is free standing for a couple of inches- while looking for the Dairy Hill Monolith. The truth is at one point I walked right by
the Dairy Hill Monolith which is located a few hundred feet north and up hill from this column. The column is located on a cliff that is to the right
of the trail as you are going south and descending off Dairy Hill, so that would put this cliff in the southwest corner of Dairy Hill.
The trail gets steep and swings to the right, so you actually tend to get below the cliff before you see it (as I remember anyway). I thought I had taken at least one picture of the entire cliff, but I guess not. It is easy to find though, since Dairy Hill is fairly narrow. This column is on the right side of the cliff near the
trail as you are facing up hill. I believe the cliff is mentioned as "Indian Rock" in "Manitou" on page 14 and described as "a natural sheltering rock over hang
on the southern slope of Dairy Hill."

The right side of the column. I was facing up hill and footing is slightly difficult. So the column is actually on the left of this photo.
The little triangular nook in the center curves in and behind the column.

A close-up attempt to the left of same nook.

Looking along the cliff from the column which takes up most of the lower right of this photo.

Looking right towards the column.

The trianglular nook in the top photo as seen from a distance.